Red Dot winners 2016: 22quadrat, Beetroot Design Group and Yadegar Asisi

The winners of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016 are set. From thousands of entries, the jury has chosen the best communication performances of the year. In a total of 21 categories, designers from all over the world could demonstrate their talent. Among others, the agency 22quadrat, the Beetroot Design Group as well as the artist Yadegar Asisi can be glad about a distinction with the Red Dot label.

22quadrat: honoured with two Red Dot awards

The German agency 22quadrat was awarded twice in the category "Spatial Communication": For their work "adaption" for Union Investment and for the project "annäherung" ("approximation"), designed for the Philipp Hafner GmbH & Co. KG. "adaption" is an exhibition concept consisting of five space graphics which extend in the form of a staircase design on 21 floors. In an artistic and abstract way, an insight into the corporate culture of Union Investment is given. Also "annäherung" presents a space artwork, based on the production metrology of Philipp Hafner, which shows minimal deviations in the smallest units: On a wall, original hand drawings with a line width of 0.05 mm have been increased by twenty times.

Six Red Dots for Beetroot Design Group

The Beetroot Design Group received even six Red Dot awards this year. Three distinctions were given in the category "Print & Publishing": for the brochure "Hello I am Beetroot", the flyer "OCC 2014-2015" and the book "OCC 2015-2016". Furthermore, the Red Dot: Agency of the Year 2011 could record three Red Dot awards in the categories "Illustrations" for "Yiayia and friends", "Typography" for "Kafka's penal colony" and “Packaging Design” for the project "Eicare Eggs". The packaging features chickens as the protagonists and communicators of the farming practices. On the level of design, typography and emotions, the composition shows the quality of the product and the corresponding human involvement.

To the point: Great Barrier Reef panorama from Yadegar Asisi

On a 1:1 scale, the nature panorama "Great Barrier Reef" presents on 3,500 square meters the unique underwater world of the coral reef off the coast of Australia. Setting for the exhibition project, realised by the artist Yadegar Asisi from Berlin, is the Panometer Leipzig, a 19th century industrial monument. On 32 metres in height, with a circumference of 110 metres, five installations get visitors in the mood for the center of the exhibition: the panorama. From a single vantage point on the visitor platform, they can understand the complexity of the ecosystem and dicscover all elements of the unique underwater world. That way, Asisi’s complete oeuvre creates an idealised natural habitat in the world’s largest 360° panorama.

Mathias Thiel, Creative Director at asisi, on the concept: "The success of our projects show, that the concept of the 360° panorama with a corresponding exhibition creates an unforgettable experience for visitors. In the past years, we more and more designed the exhibition concepts as installations. That way, visitors can get an emotional access to the content in first place – the entire impact of the panorama. I am very happy that our experince spaces are constantly awarded by expert panels."

Red Dot Gala in Berlin

The competition’s best will be honoured at the Red Dot Gala in Berlin on 4 November 2016. On stage of the Konzerthaus Berlin the Red Dot: Best of the Best laureates will receive their desired trophies. Only at the evening of the award ceremony it is traditionally announced who will be awarded with the highest single distinction of the competition, the Red Dot: Grand Prix. And also the winner of the Red Dot: Junior Prize, yearly given to the most promising up-and-coming talent and endowed with a prize money of 10,000 Euro, is made public in front of an international audience.