Contemporary Good Design

Registration is well under way

Registration phase of Contemporary Good Design is in full swing

The registration phase of the international design competition “Contemporary Good Design”, which was known as “China Good Design” so far, is currently under way. Designers and manufacturers from all over the world still have until mid-September to hand in their best products and let them be evaluated by a top-level jury regarding their design quality. On the occasion of the beginning of the registration phase and to introduce the new name, the launch event took place at the Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen on 8 May.  

Registration still possible until 11 September

Designers and companies, with products manufactured using an industrial production process, can sign up for the competition, which is organised by Red Dot and implemented by the Xiamen Culture Media Group. The registration period breaks down into three different phases: Until 5 June, participants still benefit from discounted fees of the early bird phase. Until 12 August, applicants can enter their products at the regular rate. Latecomers still have until 11 September to enter their products in the competition for the distinctions “Gold Winner” and “Winner”.

From “China Good Design” to “Contemporary Good Design”

In the competition, great emphasis is put on internationality – with regard to the entries as well as the jurors. Now, this is also reflected in the competition’s name. Thereby, Contemporary Good Design positions itself as worldwide competition, which does not only receive submissions from China, but also from nations all around the globe. Since its launch in 2015, designers and manufacturers from more than 30 countries took part in the award.

“We are ready to take the competition to a new level. It is time to emphasise the international significance of the award and the relevance of China for the world. Under the new name 'Contemporary Good Design', it is our goal to search for the best designs that meet the needs of the present,” emphasises Björn Steinhoff, Director Communications & Public Relations of Red Dot, during the launch event at the Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen.  

Strict assessment

In order to meet the challenges that go along with the internationality of the entries and thus the different backgrounds, ideas and conceptualisations of the products, the jury members come from all around the world – from Sweden to the USA to South Korea, Japan and China. They evaluate the products using strict evaluation criteria. For that, the twelve experts look at each product individually and only award a prize to those that convince with good design.

International awareness for winners

The winners profit from extensive measures, which are part of the Winner Package. They all aim at helping the companies and designers to increase their international competitiveness and to attract attention in all parts of the world. Central element of the package is the usage of the winner label. “The biggest highlight of the Contemporary Good Design award is embodied in the name itself. The word ‘good design’ can resonate with consumers just like tagging the prize-winning products with a label of trustworthiness. It will definitely gain a broad recognition from the consumers, leading to a more loyal consumer base and consumption behavior,” says Ken Koo, President of Red Dot Asia, about the impact of the winner label.

Furthermore, the award-winning products will be published in the Contemporary Good Design Yearbook as well as in the Online Exhibition. They will as well be presented in national and international exhibitions, for example in the Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen.