Seal for good design quality: the Red Dot Winner Label

While shopping in the electronics store, while surfing on the Internet, while looking through the pages of a specialist journal or while watching TV – we encounter the Red Dot, the quality seal of the Red Dot Design Award, in different everyday situations. Laureates whose products are awarded in the Red Dot Award: Product Design can use the Red Dot Winner Label. Thus, their brand is effectively strengthened and associated with outstanding design quality.

Registration still possible until 9 February 2018
The registration phase of the Red Dot Award: Product Design is in full swing. Designers and manufacturers from all over the world still have until 9 February 2018 to register their products for the competition. The Red Dot Jury individually assesses each submission live and on site. Only products that convince through high design quality receive an award. The prize-winning designers and manufacturers benefit from the Winner Package, whose measures communicate their success in an internationally visible way. Thereby, the central element is the use of the Red Dot Winner Label.

From “Roter Punkt” to “Red Dot”: the label for outstanding design quality
In the beginnings of the award, whose origins date back to 1955, the award-winning products were marked with the signet “Ausgezeichnet durch Haus Industrieform” (German for “Honoured by Haus Industrieform”). Only in 1990, Otl Aicher designed the logo in the shape of a black dot. One year later, the dot received its new colour by Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Initiator and CEO of the Red Dot Award. From now on, the “Rote Punkt” (German for Red Dot) stood for good design. As the award became known internationally, designers, product managers and the media translated the “Rote Punkt” in their own mother tongue. This is why it was called “Punto Rosso” in Italy, “Point Rouge” in France and “Red Spot” in England. In order to avoid this, the branding expert and specialist for Corporate Design Peter Schmidt redesigned the “Red Dot”-Logo in 2000. As a dynamic quality seal, it should become an interactively usable marketing instrument. It should resemble a globe, standing for the international renown of the label.

Today, almost two decades later, it appears that this vision has become true: The Red Dot logo serves consumers as orientation. It ensures that a brand is associated with excellent design quality in the long term and thanks to its striking appearance alone, a great deal of attention is generated for any product marked with it.

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