Sensual Simplicity

Designer Alberto Meda on the Radiator Step-by-Step

Step-by-Step turns the radiator into a furnishing object that appeals to the senses. In addition to a sense of lightness projected by the design, it is the innovative folded arrangement of the elements in particular that lend this radiator its aesthetic appeal. In the interview, designer Alberto Meda talks about the design process.

What problem does Step-by-Step solve?
The idea was to make a radiator with a very simple appearance, which sits as close to the wall as possible. I had to change the ribs’ angles and integrate as much function as possible to achieve a less aggressive look.


How do you approach a new product?
The starting point is to care about the relationship between different components of the product and the relationship between the product and the user, and not to be obsessed with the form. If you focus on the relationships, in the end, the form reveals itself. It is not something you imagine in your head. It is something that just happens. Step-by-Step allows for numerous possible combinations.

How important is flexibility?
Flexibility is essential today because we all have a different relationship with the product depending on our habits and our culture. Therefore, it is crucial to design products with a certain degree of freedom.


Do you have a primary goal that you strive for with all your designs?
Lightness has become a paradigm in my way of thinking. And I try to produce a simple appearance while using complex technology to solve a problem, because as a user, you don’t want to know what’s going on inside. You want a simple relationship with the object – and this simplicity is complexity solved.