Start of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2018

The Red Dot Award: Design Concept is entering the next phase: As of now, designers, design teams, design studios, manufacturers and universities from all over the world can once again take the opportunity to submit their latest visions, ideas, prototypes and design concepts to one of the world’s largest design competitions. The registration period breaks down into three different phases: “Early” until 31 January, “Standard” from 1 February to 21 March and “Late” from 22 March to 16 May 2018.

Outlook into the future
The Red Dot Award: Design Concept provides insights into the world of tomorrow. In his conclusion honouring the winning works of last year’s Red Dot Award: Design Concept, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of Red Dot said, “Fast-evolving tools and constantly changing demands make it almost impossible to predict the future. Nevertheless, there are some people who have made it their business to shape the world of tomorrow and to improve people’s lives: designers and creatives.”

The designs, that stood out in last year’s award and were nominated for the highest distinction, the “Red Dot Luminary”, dealt with the question how information can be spread and how crowd sourcing can be efficient with the help of an interactive communication system? Furthermore, the future of user experiences in autonomous driving and the future of personal travel devices was questioned.

International experts form the jury
In 2018 again, an international jury is looking forward to evaluate futuristic designs and to learn how young professionals and old hands in the design industry see the world of tomorrow and how they translate their visions into design concepts.

The jury members of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept come from different parts of the world and bring their individual cultural context as well as their own experiences to save a fair and balanced adjudication. To further an unbiased environment, the entries are presented to the jury without name, picture or corporate logo of the designers. All members commit to the “Code of Honour” which states that jurors cannot participate in the adjudication of concepts they were involved in. In addition, to avoid conflicts of interest, the jurors may not be employees of the manufacturing industry. This ensures the highest degree of objectivity when selecting the winning designs.

Advantages for award-winners
Winning designers will be able to leverage on the Red Dot to provide an indication on the marketability of future products, provide clients with the established winner label of a studio’s design capabilities, benchmark a team’s creative competencies. Furthermore, they will be published in the Red Dot Design Yearbook and exhibit in the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore. In addition, the winners of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2018 will be honoured at the Red Dot Gala. The awarding ceremony will take place on 27 September in Singapore, next to the newly opened Red Dot Design Museum Singapore in the extraordinary Marina Bay district.

Submission phases for the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2018

Early: until 31 January 2018
Standard: 1 February – 21 March 2018
Late: 22 March – 16 May 2018

Further dates
Jury Session: June 2018
Red Dot Gala: 27 September 2018

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