The kick off of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018: The registration period begins on 9 October 2017

On 9 October 2017, the first of three registration periods of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018 will begin. Designers and manufacturers from all over the world will once again have the opportunity to submit their best products for evaluation of their design quality by the Red Dot Jury. If the objects submitted are awarded a Red Dot, the laureates profit among other things from being able to use the globally recognised winner label.

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018
The origins of the Red Dot Award: Product Design stretch back to 1955 when a jury met for the first time to assess the best innovations in design of the day. Every year since then, designers and manufacturers have submitted their products to the competition. In 2018, there are 48 categories – from fashion and accessories, to consumer electronics, furniture, drones and medical equipment.

During the adjudication process of several days, international experts, all of whom are independent designers, design professors or specialised journalists, closely evaluate the objects. Thereby, the submissions are not compared with one another, but are tested, discussed and evaluated individually. The degree of innovation, formal quality, symbolic and emotional content, durability as well as ergonomics and ecological compatibility are just some of the criteria that play a decisive role during the adjudication. An important feature of the process is that the jury members evaluate the submissions live and “hands on” and then directly award the distinctions.

There are three grades of award: “Honourable Mention” which stands for a particularly well executed aspect of design work and the “Red Dot” which is given for high design quality. The award “Red Dot: Best of the Best” is the highest prize and is reserved for the best products in a category.

If their products are awarded a Red Dot, Designers and manufacturers can use the globally acknowledged winner label to draw attention to the good design quality of their work. Presence in the Red Dot Design Yearbook, as well as the exhibition of their products in the Red Dot Design Museums, further raises awareness of the objects and their creators.

Young Professionals Application Day
On 6 December 2017, young designers who have obtained their academic qualifications no more than five years ago have the opportunity to take part in a draw for 50 free registrations to the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018. The Young Professionals Application Day is a chance for young talents to demonstrate their skills. By being awarded, they can strengthen their status in the eyes of potential clients and profit from free and extensive communication measures.

Registration periods of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018
Early Bird: 9 October 2017 – 28 November 2017
Regular: 29 November 2017 – 16 January 2018
Latecomer:17 January 2018 – 9 February 2018

Young Professionals Application Day: 6 December 2017

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