The kitchen as meeting place and design location

The kitchen used to be a mere place for food preparation, whereas now it is a gathering place for family, friends and acquaintances to cook, enjoy, and have a conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. The shared cooking experience has become an indispensable component of modern life, which is also reflected by the design of the kitchen and the kitchen equipment. The Red Dot Award: Product Design values the best design products of the year. Below, three innovations in the field of "kitchen”, which received the highest single distinction “Red Dot: Best of the Best“, will be presented.

Aesthetic and functional cooking

Everyday kitchen utensils such as spatulas and cooking spoons are used way more often than one may think. However, it is often the case that metal spatulas, in particular, sometimes leave scratches in pots and pans, while traditional silicone models are not particularly long-lasting and become deformed and unsightly. The Easy kitchen utensils collection lends this product category a new aesthetic both in terms of the utensil’s form and functionality. They are made of specially treated white oak that ensures robustness, a long service life. Also they rest well in the hand with their rounded handles. The collection replaces classical kitchen utensils by a successful purist design – enhancing everyday cooking with a sense of lightness and visual appeal based on the pure beauty of the material. When given proper care, the utensils even develop a beautiful patina over time.

A “secret space” for household managers

To ensure that everything works out during the process of cooking and no ingredients are missing, a good preparation is important. In order to allow ordering of groceries for daily use in a more meaningful manner, the compartments of the LG double door-in-door refrigerator have been thoroughly redesigned. The unit features an innovative and sophisticated space system that divides the left- and right-hand doors into different functions to better suit both the needs and the eating and drinking habits of a family. Integrated into the left is the “secret space”, while to the right is the “family space” for use by all family members. The “secret space” is designed to provide space to keep food ingredients that are used on a regular basis. This allows direct access depending on what is needed without having to search the fridge. Based on a unique approach to compartment arrangement, the daily use of a refrigerator has been redefined.

Sustainable taste with the reusable coffee capsule

Capsule machine coffee has become part of an international lifestyle. It is easy to make and it offers consistently good quality flavour. The refillable coffee capsule is an outstanding product considering the increasing number of used coffee capsules. Consisting of three parts that are screwed together, it is functional and can easily be refilled time and again with coffee of any type – users will get the same coffee quality as before. The capsule is made of high-quality medical stainless steel that makes it extremely durable.

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