Red Dot Award: Product Design

Award-winning companies help in the crisis

The power of design: Red Dot winning companies help to stop the spread of the corona virus

With new products, the expansion and conversion of production, generous donations and small gestures – more and more companies worldwide are getting involved in the fight against the corona virus. Among the encouragers are also numerous Red Dot winners. They make it clear that society is not completely helpless at the mercy of the pathogen, but that it can be countered with innovative ideas, flexibility, creativity and initiative. Whether large corporations, medium-sized companies or start-ups – they stand together, spread confidence and set hopeful signs with their commitment and solidarity.

Award-winning “Megahealth Ring” enables remote monitoring

The Megahealth Ring from Hangzhou Megasens Technology shows that good design is helpful in difficult times. It was awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best, the highest distinction in the Red Dot Award: Product Design, in 2020 and was used in particular in Wuhan for the fight against Covid-19. The finger ring measures physiological parameters such as the oxygen saturation of the blood or the heart rate and can thus detect respiratory diseases, for example. A particular advantage in view of the rapidly spreading corona virus: The product enables real-time remote monitoring of infected or cured patients as well as those in quarantine. This can reduce the frequency of contact for doctors and the associated risk of infection. In addition, the ring is ergonomically shaped, lightweight and elastic, which increases the wearing comfort.

Bosch develops rapid test: analysis device awarded a Red Dot

Bosch also manufactures a product that has been awarded a Red Dot and is gaining in importance in the context of the dynamic development of the corona pandemic: the “Vivalytic” analyser for a rapid test. The test, which examines nine other respiratory diseases in addition to Covid-19, can diagnose an infection directly on site within two and a half hours. Its accuracy is 95 percent. When using the test, medical staff put a sample, which is taken from the nose or the throat using a swab, into a cartridge, which is placed in the award-winning device. It received a Red Dot in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018 for its good design quality. The compact form of the product, which was manufactured by Bosch Healthcare Solutions and designed by IXDS, enables it to be used close to the patient. The reduced design guarantees intuitive, easy handling.

Philips: quadrupling production figures by the third quarter

Philips, a leader in healthcare technology, was awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best in the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2019 for its brand. The manufacturer announced at the end of March that it would increase production of products and solutions for intensive care medicine to help diagnose and treat patients carrying the corona virus. The company plans to double its production of clinical ventilators within the next eight weeks and to increase it fourfold by the third quarter. Whether it’s patient monitors for supervising vital signs, portable ventilators, medical consumables, diagnostic imaging systems or solutions for networking between caregivers and patients at home, Philips is helping to contain the pandemic in many ways by increasing production.

Dräger: doubling of the production figures for ventilators

Awarded with the Red Dot: Best of the Best in 2020 for the “Atlan” anesthesia series, in 2018 with the Red Dot for the “Oxylog® VE300” emergency ventilator – the multiple award-winning company “Drägerwerk”, which manufactures protective equipment and ventilators among other things, is helping in the corona crisis with the expansion of its production capacities as is Philips. Dräger currently produces almost twice as many ventilators as usual. By prioritising orders, the company is fulfilling its supply mandate. It also makes available online instructions on how to operate Dräger ventilation and anesthesia equipment for healthcare providers. Consumers receive guidance on how to put on and disinfect the company's masks and protective clothing.

Together against corona: support from numerous other companies

The Red Dot winning and thus design-oriented companies Hangzhou Megasens Technology, Bosch, Philips and Dräger impressively demonstrate that they are making an indispensable contribution to curbing the corona pandemic. But they are not the only ones: Audi, Bayer, Fujifilm, Hovione, Mercedes-Benz, Siemens and many more have also been honored in the Red Dot Award and are inspiring with their flexible approach to the current situation. Whether through the conversion of production, the provision of helping goods or donations – the creativity and helpfulness with which the companies are facing the crisis is impressive and praiseworthy.

If we look beyond the current situation, it quickly becomes clear that much will be different in the future. However, the crisis must not only have negative consequences – it can also stand for sustainable progress, whether in terms of digitisation, teaching or research. The current situation can bring about a radical change from which innovative ideas, products and communication projects emerge.