The Red Dot Design Museum Singapore presents: the best products from 2016

The Red Dot Design Museum Singapore features a new collection of the latest innovations from this year’s Red Dot Award: Product Design. The exhibition showcases product solutions with refined technology, improved combination of materials and increased emphasis on users’ comfort and convenience. The exclusive presentation runs until 30 November 2016.

Brilliant designs create utmost conveniences to individuals immersed in busy lifestyles. The belief that design makes a difference in daily life motivates innovation. The annual Red Dot Award: Product Design honours excellent designs that are creative, yet practical and user-friendly.

The best products from 57 countries

This year, a panel of 41 international experts selected the best products from 57 countries. The contemporary collection on show in the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore consists of a selection of the winners showcasing an array of product designs from international brands like Apple, Google, IKEA, Plantronics and Nokia. Each exhibit is presented with the name of the design team and manufacturer, a description highlighting its design attributes and a statement from the jury.

Sound experience and feel-good moments with innovative product designs

The new collection includes for example the Iriver AK T1, a sound system which delivers precise sound transmission and enhances the quality of sound reproduction. The design of the sound system prevents overlapping of frequency and minimises internal and external vibrations. Visitors can experiment the various functions of the product and experience the sound system live at the museum.

Another exhibit is the ESYLUX Prana+ office floor light, which combines superior lighting and intelligent control technology including a high-tech sensor. The floor light is capable of creating different light intensities that benefit human well-being and increase the levels of concentration. The patented, extendable foot allows the lamp to be used at desks with sides extending to the floor.

Winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016
Date: until 30 November 2016

Red Dot Design Museum Singapore
28 Maxwell Road, Ground Floor
Red Dot Traffic Building
Singapore 069120