The tone of success: Red Dot awarded sound design

All those who have ever watched TV without sound know that the tone is essential for its effect. A romantic movie scene without the corresponding music or “Jaws” without its world-famous soundtrack? The impression would be totally different. Whether in blockbusters, radio spots, advertising or with regard to products, sound design makes an indispensable contribution to success on the market.

Sound design gives brands a tone
Sound designers give content a voice. Peter Philippe Weiss, who is an international sound consultant and designer, composer and producer explains what makes his profession so special: “For me, it is both exciting and challenging to give ‘spirit’ to an application in the sense of its intended function and effect – be it an auditive staging of a global conference of a medical devices manufacturer with cinema-like sound experiences or be it the development and realisation of a brand sound.” The juror explains further that it is all about bringing out and portraying the brand’s personality.

In the field of products, good sound design is “just the same as design in general. If one doesn’t notice it, it’s good”, explains Peter Philippe Weiss. “Sound has emotional and dramaturgical components. Depending on the way it is used, what matters is precision and self-reliance at the concept stage with regard to the sound material and in the implementation”, says the design expert.

Auditory brand management
In today’s highly saturated media landscape, consumers experience brands with all senses. This is why international companies strategically use sound design. They have recognised the positive effect of a consistent, auditory brand management already long ago and take advantage of it. Various soundscapes provide them with the opportunity to attract their target group’s attention, furthermore convey their message and connect with their clients in the best possible way.

Music that tastes
One of the latest, most famous brand melodies in advertising is probably “Taste the Feeling” by Coca-Cola. The eponymous campaign, started by the beverage giant in 2016, aims at conveying that consuming the soft drink makes any everyday moment special. This is also reflected in the audio logo “Taste the Feeling”. Deviant Ventures from New York created a good mood melody that is singable, sticks in the mind and enhances brand awareness.

The sound, which was awarded with the Red Dot in 2017, is catchy and puts enjoyment with all senses center stage, for instance with the characteristic fizzling when opening the bottle. With the positive music, Coca-Cola celebrates the moment and subtly arises consumers’ desire for the refreshing drink which promises a good feeling. This way, the international corporation proves that good sound design can captivate and seduce the listener.

Experiencing brand values acoustically
Siemens benefits from the supporting characteristics of music, too. The focus of the “Siemens Sound Branding”, which was designed by why do birds for the company’s new brand positioning, is on society and people. It follows the brand’s claim “Ingenuity for life”, which was translated into sounds that make the brand come to life on an emotional level. “Ingenuity” reflects the company’s technical expertise and is expressed in progressive tones and driving rhythm. “Life” refers to customer benefit and is reflected in organic and human tunes.

For the acoustic brand appearance, the Berlin-based designers morphed analogue into digital sounds, thus emphasising the change and progress which have shaped the technology company as well as the lived reality of its customers. The corporate sound concept, which won the Red Dot in 2017, considers various fields of application, ranging from events to advertising.

Holistic brand experience at the highest level
Why do birds is also the originator of the “Hyundai Sound Branding”, which was honoured with the Red Dot: Best of the Best by the Red Dot Jury in 2017: “What is truly special and extraordinary about the new sound branding for Hyundai is that it translates the brand into different sound levels and layers matching the respective application. Yet, it always ensures recognisability, is innovative in musical terms and pushes the boundaries of generic sound logos by stepping out of that “super nice area” to create something novel and highly attention-grabbing. That’s outstanding!”

The holistic sound concept for Hyundai extends across all media and is tailormade for various applications, from telephone on-hold music to soundscapes in sales areas to the in-car sound. That way, the sound branding should complement the visual identity and consequently contribute to a consistent brand experience. The sound logo consists of a simple, ascending six-tone sequence, which is catchy and instantly memorable. It symbolises a reduction to the essential, flows dynamically and gives a positive outlook on the future.

Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018
The Red Dot Award: Communication Design is currently calling for the latest sound creations – from ambient sound to audio logo to radio spot. Sound design is one of the international competition’s 17 categories. Companies, agencies and designers only have until 15 June 2018 to enter their sound works and projects, thus applying for being awarded the Red Dot.

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