Red Dot Award: Product Design

Awarded luggage

Traveling excellently with Red Dot

In order to spread the idea of good design internationally, Red Dot regularly stops at design metropolises around the globe and presents award-winning products within the framework of inspiring exhibitions. But the awarded products do not only go on a journey on the occasion of the programme “Red Dot on Tour”. They are also used on city trips, beach holidays or adventure tours. Before the summer draws to a close, design enthusiasts should have a look at the products awarded in the category “Luggage and bags” of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018.

Porsche Design Carbon Weekender

The Porsche Design Carbon Weekender, which was awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best, is the ideal travel mate for the next short trip. The bag is part of a leather series which is characterised by the use of carbon fibres. Being essential in sports car manufacturing, the material makes the bag sturdy and durable. Featuring an elegant and harmoniously balanced appearance, the weekender provides plenty of space inside. The functionality of the exterior pocket with a smooth, oversized two-way zipper and glossy-black metallic snaps on the side complement the design. The exclusive look of the bag is further emphasised by the additionally applied elements made of black nappa leather.

Samsonite several times successful in the competition

Those who prefer to travel with suitcases, can confidently rely on Samsonite, because the manufacturer has been awarded several times for its outstanding design achievements in the Red Dot Award. Amongst others, three suitcase collections were awarded a Red Dot: the “Mixmesh” suitcases, which were designed by Charlotte Duretête, convinced the jury with the combination of fresh colours and the use of innovative mesh material. Both impart a sporty and modern impression to the luggage. In contrast, the business suitcases “Hartlan”, designed by Andrea Ponti, are characterised by carefully crafted, filigree grooves and shiny accents which give them a luxurious look. The roomy interior on both sides with versatile divisions additionally persuaded the jury to award a prize. Contrary to the plain design of the “Hartlan” luggage is the “Modern Dream” collection by Camille Baron and Charlotte Duretête. Their design, merging geometric forms and flat surfaces, highlights contemporary elements. It comes in six stylish colours, two of them with a textured surface which is scratch-resistant and four colours in a satin-finished version.

Problem solver on a journey: “Go First – Stop Later” suitcase

Not only Samsonite convinced the experts of the Red Dot Award with its pieces of luggage. Also, the German manufacturer Stratic Lederwaren Jacob Bonifer managed to do so with its suitcase “Go First – Stop Later”. Leather elements combined with a soft outer material made of recycled polyester characterise the design of Karim Chaouch and Patrick Welsch. A special sliding switch is integrated in the suitcase lock elements which enables two of the four wheels to be blocked. This prevents the case from rolling away uncontrollably, for instance, in a means of public transport. “With its innovative wheel brake, this suitcase provides a welcome solution for a problem which keeps arising when travelling,” says the jury about product which was awarded a Red Dot.

Wrapping Backpack: alternative for the back

For everyone, who prefers to carry their belongings on the back, the Wrapping Backpack represents a practical and comfortable alternative. The Red Dot awarded product by Ito Kaban Seisakujyo, designed by ONFAdd, is suitable for the transport of everyday as well as of bulky items. Because if additional capacity is required, various straps and buckles are available. The material used is water-repellent and very resistant. The Red Dot Jury was delighted: “The Wrapping Backpack fills a gap in everyday life and offers a highly functional solution for transport, which also looks good.”

S-Bikerz: Backpack for motorcyclists

For the next motorcycle tour, the backpack “S-Bikerz”, which was awarded a Red Dot, is just the right accessory: A horizontally running LED strip at the back of the waterproof backpack is activated by a button on the shoulder strap and improves visibility and safety of the driver. In the mesh pockets which are fitted with zip fasteners and located at the front, the wallet or mobile phone can be reached quickly. Nonslip shoulder straps and additional waist belt hold the backpack, manufactured by Brilliant Merchandising and designed by Liew Bin and Ken Tan, safely in position.

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 begins in October

In October 2019, designers and manufacturers from all over the world once again have the opportunity to hand in their products to the competition. Apart from the category “Luggage and bags”, they can register their innovations in numerous other product groups – from bedroom furniture and beds to tableware, jewellery, tools and healthcare.