Red Dot Award: Product Design

Using the power of the sun

Using the power of the sun: award-winning solar products

The sun is a giant energiser as it provides us with far more power than we need. In the age of climate change, when fossil resources run short, the electricity generation from renewable sources is becoming increasingly important. Consequently, the solar market is booming for years already. Whether photovoltaic and thermal solar systems for the private use or solar power plants which provide whole regions with environment-friendly energy – the performance and profitability of the systems continuously improve. Thus, houses are built which are completely independent from external power supply. Also, mobile energy dispensers, which are driven by the sun, are in line with current trends. On the occasion of the Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading trade fair for the solar industry, which took place place from 15 until 17 May 2019 in Munich, Red Dot presents four products which use solar technology. They were awarded a Red Dot in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 for their outstanding design quality.

Small light source, big impact

Developed for areas without sufficient electricity in South Africa, the “Sonnenglas Mini” (“Sun jar Mini”) from the eponymous manufacturer “Sonnenglas” convinces with a socially and ecologically useful as well as intelligent product solution. The lanterns are produced by hand and are equipped with specially coated solar cells, which enable a lighting duration of up to 20 hours. By monitoring the surrounding brightness, the light automatically switches off at sunrise. In favour of a long-life cycle, a plug-in system allows for a regular replacement of individual components.

Using sunlight for charging

For everyone who wants to use the energy of the sun in order to charge their electronic devices, the “HanPower Plus in” provides a practical solution. “The 2-in-1 solar charger offers sophisticated technology for environmentally-aware consumers in a particularly flexible design,” describes the jury the product from Hanergy Mobile Energy. The solar panels of the charger can be spread out or packed away in a space-saving way. Thanks to a magnetic suction interface, the mobile battery can be easily disconnected from the storage element during the charging process. The modern surface design, imitating leather, impresses additionally.

Functional, stable and powerful

High performance and capacity: The “iMuto Power Station S5” convinces with these qualities. The portable power station has a solar-powered lithium-ion battery. The clearly arranged display, various connections and a luminaire are placed in the middle of the device. It impresses with simplicity, robustness and stability. Made of stainless metal and equipped with a practical handle, the electricity supplier can be transported easily and is suitable for the use indoors just as outdoors. “The design of this device for mobile energy supply is convincing due to its compact, stable housing and its functionally well-thought-out design,” says the Red Dot Jury about the award-winning product.

Ensuring high energy yields

For bigger solar plants connected in series, so-called string inverters come to use in order to ensure that power loss is reduced. The “String-Inverter 136kW” from Sungrow Power Supply, which was awarded a prize in the Red Dot Award, provides a long-lasting, robust and save solution for this. Protected by an aluminium alloy, the case is both dust- and waterproof. With a conversion efficiency of 99%, the string inverter significantly reduces power consumption and guarantees a high energy yield.

Honouring of the laureates on 8 July

Within the framework of the award ceremony, the successful designers and companies will be honoured in Essen, Germany, on 8 July. During the Red Dot Gala in the Aalto-Theater, the Red Dot: Best of the Best winners receive their trophies. At the subsequent Designers’ Night in the Red Dot Design Museum, the handing over of the certificates for laureates of the Red Dot and Honourable Mention takes place. The party does not only invite to dance and to celebrate, but also to discover the award-winning products, as the guests are encouraged to have a look at the winners exhibitions in advance, where they will find the four solar products, among others. “Design on Stage 2019”, “Milestones in Contemporary Design 2019” as well as the exhibition of the Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2019 will be showcased in the museum from 12 July until 11 August.