With the sense of good communication design and creativity: the jury 2017 (part 5)

The heart of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design is the jury. With its expertise, it assesses thousands of submissions each year on the basis of established criteria. In 2017, there are 24 globally recognised experts who meet in Essen, Germany, to jointly decide in a multi-day process about the awarding of the coveted label “Red Dot”. Some of these experts are repeatedly part of the jury. Among others Johnason Lo, Niels Schrader and Peter Philippe Weiss will select the winners of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017.

Motion Design Expert
“Al Jazeera”, “SYFY”, “HBO Asia”, “FOX Classic Japan”, “Disney Channel Taiwan” and “CCTV-9 Documentary Channel” - JL DESIGN helped all these global channels with rebranding. Juror Johnason Lo is the founder and creative director of JL DESIGN, the first motion design studio in Taiwan. As the nature of the projects began to change, it became a hybrid creative agency that also works on films, digital platforms and events. Johnason Lo was one of the three curators for the “Creative-Expo Taiwan” in 2015. After receiving numerous awards and having been featured in international magazines, he was invited to speak at international forums such as “TEDxTaipei”, “KL Design Week”, the “Taiwan National Art Exhibition” and the “PromaxBDA Asia Awards”. If he had the chance, he would make Taiwan a brand, so that its positioning could influence government policy. For him, design is not about whether something is beautiful or ugly; It is about how design is to people or how it affects their lives.

With the fascination for numbers and data
Music. This is the answer to the question, what inspires the concept-driven information designer with the fascination for numbers and data, Niels Schrader, the most. On top of that, there are the collaborations with architects, programmers, photographers and composers. This gives his work diversity and makes it interesting. Niels Schrader is the founder of the design studio “Mind Design” in Amsterdam. In his work, Schrader plays the role of both a mediator and a designer. He considers communication to be an interactive process that requires participation through questioning. Schrader’s projects frequently challenge the audience to experience the very means of communication by providing insights into the complex methods of information exchange. Before setting up his own agency, he worked as a freelance designer for Uwe Loesch and Irma Boom. Prior to that, he completed his communication design studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf and completed his academic career with the master programme in design at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. In addition to his work as a designer, Niels Schrader teaches at various universities within and outside of Europe. Since 2013, together with Roosje Klap, he has been Head of Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Sound innovator from Switzerland
The Swiss sound consultant, composer, sound artist, sound designer, producer, author and speaker Peter Philippe Weiss is also inspired by music. But furthermore people, literature, nature, media, spaces and films influence him at his work. In 1994, he founded “Corporate Sound AG”, the first communications agency specialising in acoustic branding and working for international clients in exhibitions, architecture, museums, events, electronic media and product design. In addition, Weiss is involved in artistic sound experiments and has, next to others, implemented a sound installation in Basel in 2005, which has created new rooms in the existing sound environment with highly realistic soundscapes. This has been the biggest challenge since 16 sound channels and the power of 40,000 watts have been used. In 2009 his “unterwelten” (underworlds) was heard out of Gullies in the inner city of Basel and in 2015 he published the book “If Design Leaves Matter” (original title “Wenn Design die Materie verlässt”).

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