Work(out) with design factor - Fitness machines for home and office

Regular sports activities and a healthy diet are vital parts of many people’s lives. The gym is no longer the only place for exercising. Body conscious people keep themselves in shape at the office and in their own four walls. Red Dot-winners like Skandika, Carver Fitness and heimathlet spotted this trend and brought fitness machines with high design qualities to market. Thus, a treadmill becomes a home accessory and wall bars become fitness furniture.

The treadmill “HomeRun” by Skandika is suitable for home and office. Its elaborate design with a non-slip surface area allows the workout to be combined with any activity on a notebook or tablet PC. With two handles, the treadmill coming with cup holders transforms into a table or a modern sideboard and becomes a part of the furnishing. The engine is constantly ventilated which guarantees the quality and durability of this sports equipment. The Red Dot jury stated: “With the double benefit of being able to work out while reading or working; the HomeRun treadmill presents itself as a contemporary and premium lifestyle product.”

The fitness machine “Carving Balance” by Carver Balance provides balance training in its purest form of muscle activity and user-engagement. While performing the lateral movements, users turn away from the circular base causing their bodies to become out of balance. This imbalance generates maximum muscle activity and burns a high amount of calories. The elegant design of this fitness device highlights this movement. “The Carving Balance strikes a convincing balance between elegant design and functionality and thus enhances the pleasure of working out” said the Red Dot jury.

The Heimathlet (home athlete) by heimathlet is a piece of fitness furniture that integrates health-related sports equipment into everyday living areas, intelligently combining functionality with design. The forward leaning rungs, gym rings and a mat reveal the training potential of this piece of fitness equipment, which can even be used in confined spaces. It is suitable for doing exercises to build muscle mass, enhance muscle endurance, and as part of rehabilitation, yoga or Pilates exercises. The Red Dot jury agreed: “The Heimathlet has emerged as a highly elegant symbiosis of furniture and sports equipment for the home providing for a myriad of fitness needs.”

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