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YNL Design — Imagine, build, connect.

YNL Design is a branding and experience design company based in Seoul, South Korea, that provides comprehensive and creative solutions for companies. Viewing themselves as creators of brand transformation, the team is fuelled by bold imagination, new approaches, and an interesting differentiation. Based on the conviction that conceptual thinking and continuous communication with customers provide a firm foundation to develop creative and iconic brand images, they provide strategic and innovative services for brand value creation based on concept planning for various brand identities as well as design development know-how.

YNL Design interviewed by Red Dot

Red Dot: What does design mean to you?
YNL Design: I think design should help people and adds value to their lives.

To what extent do you think new technologies are changing design?
Technology allows design to achieve a greater depth, allowing users to visualise concepts and design ideas in a better way.

What makes your work unique?
I try to challenge myself again and again to come up with unique solutions. It is important to branch out of your comfort zone. I think being unique is an effort. Even on days off work, I get a lot of inspiration from going to galleries and looking at a lot of art. This inspiration is very helpful in designing a brand in a unique way.

Which three words best describe your award-winning project?
Unique, enjoyable, aesthetic – for Kitsch Cow Butcher Shop. Possibilities, communication, balance – for the YNL Design CI renewal.

Please describe the concept of creativity against the background of your award-winning work.
The interior of the Kitsch Cow Butcher Shop is inspired by the exotic exteriors of the Grand Kremlin Palace and the St. Basil’s Cathedral, which aligns in an artistic manner with Kitsch Cow’s exquisite and gorgeous cuisines. A hand-drawn logo has been created which reflects the cuisines’ craftsmanship and artistry, exhibiting the rustic hand-cut beef of the shop.

“Imagine, build, connect.”

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