Red Dot Award: Product Design

Winners' Benefits

From raising your glasses in celebration to seeing the Red Dot Label on your own product or visiting the exhibition in the Red Dot Design Museum, there are lots of special moments for each winner to enjoy. You too can benefit from the advantages of winning an award!

Winning is the Beginning

Winning a distinction in the Red Dot Award: Product Design is proof that your product is of excellent design quality. This achievement should be celebrated together at the award ceremony. That event is merely the start of your shared journey with Red Dot, however, as the real business of communicating your success starts after the award ceremony.

Positioning as a design-oriented company

Winning a Red Dot makes your brand and your product visible on the international market. By winning an award, you position yourself as a design-oriented company and stand to benefit from a far-reaching image boost.

To amplify this effect, we will support you with high-impact measures to showcase your product. These range from presenting your product online, in the yearbook and in international exhibitions to use of the Red Dot winner label:

Red Dot winner label

As a laureate, you can use the internationally respected Red Dot winner label to communicate news of your success. It allows you to set yourself apart from competitors and garner global attention – whether on product packaging, in brochures or online. For special industries and award-winning products in the new ‘Smart Products’ and ‘Innovative Products’ metacategories, winners will receive individualised labels.

Presentation online

One of the places where the award-winning products are presented is the ‘Winners’ section on the Red Dot website. In addition to a detailed description and a statement by the jury, the section contains details of the designers and manufacturers responsible as well as high-quality product images. 

Red Dot Design Yearbook

In addition, the award-winning products are presented in the Red Dot Design Yearbook. The four-volume publication thus offers a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in design as well as trends in the industry. The Red Dot: Best of the Best winners and the Red Dot: Design Team of the Year provide insights into their work in interviews.

Meet the top names in design

The events around the Red Dot Award: Product Design bring together the top names in product design. For example, you have the opportunity to forge valuable contacts by engaging with colleagues, competitors and media representatives during the award ceremony or the exhibition openings. And of course you will be able to accept your trophy or your certificate during the Red Dot Gala.


In the course of various exhibitions, Red Dot regularly presents the award-winning products to a wide audience. For example, “Milestones in Contemporary Design” and “Design on Stage” shine a light on the winners in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen. Other exhibition locations include the museum in Xiamen and in Singapore.

Media support

As an award winner, you benefit from Red Dot’s international PR work and high-quality and far-reaching media partnerships. Throughout the year, journalists from all over the globe receive information and images of the winning products, and individual media queries are given comprehensive responses.

With the Spotlight area, the newsletter and social media, Red Dot uses different channels to place a spotlight on selected winners and their outstanding accomplishments. High-quality images and detailed descriptions give readers and followers an overview of the year’s best products.