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Award ceremony in Berlin: Red Dot Design Award celebrates the year’s best agencies and designers

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28 October 2022 marked the celebration of the achievements of the winners of this year’s Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design. Guests from roughly 30 countries accepted the invitation from the Red Dot Design Award, where they celebrated the year’s best agencies and designers in a laid-back atmosphere in the Konzerthaus in Berlin.

There were plenty of surprises, as the Agency of the Year and the winners of the Red Dot: Grand Prix were not announced until the night itself. The Red Dot: Grand Prix is the highest individual distinction in the competition and was awarded to just six recipients. Meanwhile, the honorary title “Red Dot: Agency of the Year 2022” went to the team at the international brand advisory agency MetaDesign.

Red Dot Gala in the Konzerthaus in Berlin

“This evening has demonstrated what it means to bring the international communication design scene and the world’s best companies together in one place. The Konzerthaus Berlin was loaded with creative energy, and I would like to thank each guest who enriched this award ceremony with their presence.” This is how Professor Dr. Peter Zec summed up the Red Dot Gala. The CEO and founder of the Red Dot Design Award was the presenter for the evening. Together with Red Dot jurors Damon Aval, Jianping He and Jean Jacques Schaffner, he handed over the trophies to the winners of the Red Dot: Best of the Best, who enjoyed their moment on stage to the sound of applause from the guests.

Winners of the Red Dot: Grand Prix
The trophies received by the six winners of the Red Dot: Grand Prix were white instead of black. Of all the entries submitted, there were only six that won the highest individual distinction in the competition this year. The names of those to manage this outstanding feat in the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2022 were kept secret until the evening of 28 October. These are the winners:

Magazine: “Archisearch the Paper Edition”
Client: The Design Ambassador / Vassilios Bartzokas, Germany
Design: Post-Spectacular Office, Greece

Sustainable Packaging: “Philips 5000 Series Breakfast set - Eco Conscious Edition packaging”
Client: Philips Domestic Appliances, Netherlands
Design: Philips Domestic Appliances Experience Design & Philips Experience Design, Netherlands

Exhibition Design: “Tsubame-Sanjo Factory Museum”
Client: Sanjo City & Tsubame City, Japan
Design: SPREAD, Japan

Social Campaign: “Closed Eyes”
Client: Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center, Ukraine
Design: The First The Last, Ukraine

Retail Design: “REWE Green Farming Supermarket in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim”
Client: REWE Markt GmbH | Peter Maly, COO REWE, Germany
Design: acme London/Berlin – Architecture, United Kingdom & knippershelbig GmbH Stuttgart/Berlin – Structural Design, Germany

Brand Identity: “Sitko Pizza”
Client: Sitko Pizza, Finland
Design: Werklig, Finland

The Red Dot: Junior Prize

Thanks to its reputation and the prize money of 10,000 euros, the Red Dot: Junior Prize is one of the design world’s most sought-after awards for upcoming designers. This year, the prize went to students from Ling Tung University in Taiwan. Yi-Ling Chen, Xin-Rong He, Hong-Jie Chen and Pin-Ling Chen won the prize for their project “Laundry Clinic” together with their professors An-Hui Ching and Wei-Jen Huang. Jana Zec, Vice President of Red Dot, awarded the trophies to the students on stage at the Konzerthaus. They had travelled especially from Taiwan for this special moment.

MetaDesign is Red Dot: Agency of the Year 2022

The award ceremony culminated in Daniel Leyser, Global CEO of MetaDesign, joyfully accepting the Stylus trophy from Jochen Schleier, Chief Creative Officer at last year’s recipient of the title, denkwerk. Leyser celebrated the extraordinary success with roughly 30 employees on stage at the Konzerthaus.

The captivating moment when the Stylus was handed over was preceded by a laudation by Steve Plesker, Managing Director Marketing & Sales of the AOK national association. Plesker is a long-term client of MetaDesign and reported on the agency’s most recent past and their shared successes.

Find all winners online

All of the winners in the Red Dot Award: Brand & Communication Design 2022 can be found online in the “Winners” section on the Red Dot website at www.red-dot.org since 28 October. In addition, individual features present the makers of the winning projects, which are also the best designers and agencies of the year. These can also be found on the Red Dot website at www.red-dot.org/designers-agencies-bcd.


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