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2 Wheels – 200 Years

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To mark the 200-year anniversary of the first “Laufmaschine” (forerunner of the bicycle), the regional exhibition of Baden-Württemberg at the Technoseum in Mannheim, Germany, tells the story of the bicycle. Visitors are guided to the exhibition entrance by an installation of flashing reflector lights. The special exhibition is designed as a colourful bicycle path that leads through the different decades of bicycle history. Along the way there are different rooms to be discovered, each featuring large atmospheric panoramas of the various time periods, as well as open spaces with viewpoints on the scenery revealing interesting perspectives. As a scenographic highlight at the halfway point, the path evolves into a steep, three-dimensional curve. Besides presenting futuristic perspectives and concepts the “tour” ends in an alternative bicycle repair shop with the “Singlespeed”, todays equivalent to the “Laufmaschine”.

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