Philips B1D5000

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User-friendly combination

Good design maps out possible usage scenarios and envisions them in a manner that promotes aesthetics in use. The design of the Philips B1D5000 monitor innovatively merges a powerful 23.8" LCD monitor with a 13.3" e-ink display. The design idea to combine two different screen technologies into this monitor was informed directly by the needs expressed by the targeted user group. The aim of providing these technologies and integrating their respective advantages into one unit was to offer increased usability and better performance. E-ink technology is easy on the eyes and thus allows for longer, fatigue-free reading. In addition, it helps not only to consume 80 per cent less energy but also reduces the amount of required paper. Moreover, this technologically innovative combination also allows combining different levels of communication and media work. The clear geometric design language of this monitor is characterised by a stand of archetypal appearance. Well-thought-out in terms of function and ergonomics, it offers an adjustable tilt angle, has a swivel function and is easy to adjust in height, providing customisable settings. The result is a high degree of flexibility for the user. Based on a multifunctional design approach, this monitor thus delivers a versatile proposition and is suitable for use in both home and office scenarios.

Statement by the Jury

Following an outstandingly user-friendly approach, this monitor combines a powerful LCD with an e-ink screen that is soft on the eyes. The advantages of both technologies complement each other in this seamless integration. Thanks to its stand with its aesthetically very clear design and distinctive tilt, swivel and height-adjustable system, the monitor allows using both displays individually as required.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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