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2250 Ultracab WT

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New impressions

The design of boats for navigating coastal waters must be up to the conditions prevailing there. The 2250 Ultracab WT is an aluminium trailer boat that possesses features that previously were difficult to combine in a watercraft of this type. Its well-balanced lines lend it an elegant and sleek appearance. Its modern appeal breaks away from the traditional look of trailer boats and at the same time is based on Stabicraft’s visual identity. The trailer boat thus achieves a high recognition value. Designed for use in the Pacific north-west waters of North America, this model is targeted primarily at the recreational fishing and adventure-seeking market. The boat’s dynamic language of form is marked by lean-forward windshields that allowed for extra cabin volume. Another impressive feature in terms of its ergonomics and aesthetics is the design of the access door to the bow deck, which allows easy walk-through access. When opened, the door partly slides away into the cabin roof, while the lower part transforms into functional access steps. An optional V-berth under the bow deck is another feature offering very well-thought-out comfort for this area of use. This trailer boat allows adventurers and families to explore coastal environments safely and comfortably.

Statement by the Jury

This trailer boat amazes with its elegant and flowing aluminium construction. Innovatively expanding the possibilities of this material in boat building, it fascinates with its highly expressive design that convinces with a successful balance of functionality and aesthetic qualities. This trailer boat allows moving comfortably in coastal waters by inviting passengers to take in the impressions in a relaxed manner.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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