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24 Solar Terms & Gods

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With reference to the orbital positions of the celestial bodies, the ancient Chinese calendar divided the year into twenty-four solar terms, each with its own natural conditions and humanistic connotations. The illustration series visualises the deities associated with these solar terms to familiarise people with traditional Chinese culture and mythology. For example, GouMang, who resembles a bird creature, is the god of spring and is associated with the ceremonies to welcome spring at Lichun, the beginning of spring. A QR code on the posters or brochures of the illustrations leads to a specially set up website that provides background information on the deities and the traditions associated with them. The mythological figures, exclusively in red and black, show a mixture of humans, animals and mythical creatures in postures typical of them or with special instruments. The illustrations, which were created in a modern reimagining process, convey a traditional mythological atmosphere through their reference to historical petroglyphs (carvings and drawings made on rocks), which is further enhanced by deliberately marbled details and retro fonts.

Statement by the Jury

The illustrations of the 24 deities assigned to the solar dates of the Chinese calendar captivate with an archaic mythological aura and at the same time show them in their humorous human character. The uniform colour scheme and the slightly eccentric use of typography in the different media capture the cultural aspects excellently, so that the viewer immediately feels addressed and inspired to learn more about their meaning.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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