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The billboard campaign “Sticks Forever – 3M Extra Heavy Duty Duct Tape” makes use of the proverbial earworm: as soon as people hear the tune of a popular, highly catchy song, they cannot easily get it out of their heads again. In order to demonstrate that this “adhesiveness” also applies to the heavy duty adhesive tape by 3M, three truly catchy tunes were taken and their titles “written” using that tape on numerous billboard sites across Hong Kong. This way, each billboard showed 3M’s adhesive power in a unique, simple and memorable way, in a typeface perfectly matched to the songs. For example, the song line “Heeeeey Macarena” was typified in vivid clear capital letters in line with how it is actually sung, while “Barbie Girl” features a lovely lettering with squiggly serifs. Integrating the product itself into the visual execution offered the opportunity to further strengthen the message of the approach. The billboard artwork was created by Australian tape artist Buff Diss hand-lettering each billboard on-site.

Statement by the Jury

This billboard campaign fascinates with its multitude of messages. The important function of typography to attract attention is solved with a simple, powerful and at the same time variable typeface, which is expressed in the three examples in a highly appropriate and humorous way. The idea and way of promoting an actual product and the brand’s values in association with an earworm is fantastic.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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