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With its multi-faceted surfaces and fastback (single slope) silhouette, the 45 Concept project is reminiscent of the design style in the seventies. In a contemporary twist, it uses ‘45 design clues’ and diagonal lines that form 45-degree angles in the front pillar and especially in the tail. Other details further accentuate the dynamic silhouette, skilfully masking the thickness of the platform where the batteries are housed. This ‘sensuous sportiness’ style is an evolutionary Hyundai design philosophy. The slanted front view and tail would become the new face for future electric car models. The exterior is a tribute to the Pony Coupe model and as such, bears the same design spirit as the Pony but with an interior that is much more expressive of a futuristic and digital era. This digilogue (analogue + digital) creates a very special retrofuture ambience that is nostalgic but at the same time very high-tech. The cabin of the 45 Concept therefore looks homelier and more domestic than a typical automotive environment. The electric propulsion becomes a new starting point: since a real grille is no longer needed, the 45 Concept reinterprets the lattice grille of the Pony Coupe with a strip of tiny lights that end in a re-evocation of the double round headlights. The same treatment is repeated on the tail, whereas under the door, a strip of LEDs tells the driver how much battery he has left before he boards the car. Since the car is electric, the floor is flat and carpeted. The seats are designed to evoke the comfort of sitting in an armchair and they have an outer shell in the same wood material that is used for the dashboard, making the interior seats look more like a modern piece of premium furniture. The steering wheel is still there, but it is always ready to enjoy a trip in self-drive mode instead. Overall, the design and function of this car follow the ‘style set free’ principle defined by Hyundai designers to underscore a near future where customised environments and on-board systems according living needs become a norm. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Mobility & Transportation

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