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A50 Motorway Information Graphic

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This regional tourist information graphic was part of an art project in the service area of Sonse Heide on the Dutch A50 motorway and aims to bring attention to regional tourist sites. Instead of presenting the information on familiar-looking boards and signs, as is usual, it was engraved in the form of line charts on the hardwood planks of picnic benches and tables. Showing the tourist sites and places of interest located along the route as pictograms emerging from a single line, the benches and tables serve as banners advertising the region. The pictograms feature smooth, simple contours and are set around six touristic themes, grouped by individual colours such as green for nature, dark blue for art and pink for religious sites. They refer to specific places in the region, while a geographical wall-map, which also shows motorway information, serves as a legend to the icons. Both the icons and the accompanying low-contour typography were designed particularly with regard to machinability. Statement by the jury »This information design impresses with its highly original implementation. The idea to advertise tourist sites on objects typical of motorway service areas, such as benches and tables, is smart and makes perfect sense. The graphically minimalist yet highly distinctive design in particular turns the work into an outstanding eye-catcher.«

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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