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The harmony of form and function For a pleasant working atmosphere, offices should avoid being too noisy, as ambient noise does not only cause stress easily, it can also hamper the ability to concentrate properly. Against this backdrop, the design of the Acoustic Team office lamp combines innovative qualities of noise dampening with a surprising language of form. Modular in design, this lamp consists of three elements that allow for many different configurations. Its sensual, organic appearance enriches the interior by creating a cosy atmosphere. The Acoustic Team lamp merges these aesthetic qualities with the functional properties of sound absorption. It is capable of reducing more than half of the sounds that hit its surface. Based on the well-thought-out modular concept, it also offers the option of combining different forms and colours. The lamp modules are made from thermoformed felt and come in marine blue, forest green, bold red and two shades of grey. Moreover, it is possible to order a custom colour from the RAL palette for both the solid or melange version, while the latter is mixed with dark or light fibres. This high-quality and durable lamp thus also introduces a delightfully playful character, turning it into an eye-catching composition within a given space.

Statement by the Jury

The Acoustic Team office lamp combines innovative sound dampening properties with a sensually appealing design language. Based on a cleverly thought-out modular design, it allows different configurations that can also be adapted to the interior in terms of colour. It thus creates a new aesthetic for office environments and provides planners and architects with a wide range of options.

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