Active Ecological Packaging LIFI

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LIFI is composed of two parts—an active ecological packaging and the herb seeds. The packaging is hand-made using processed fallen tree leaves and filled with seeds. When LIFI is opened and watered, the packaging starts to dissolve to help the plants grow. Each packaging is a cube measuring 100mm all around—the recommended size for herbs to grow. This packaging could be re-used multiple times or disposed of since it is nature-friendly. Fallen leaves collected in city parks are often burnt, which is a waste of resources. They make great material because they are full of minerals and easy to form. The leaves are washed and crushed with a mixer, turned into a fibre, and placed into a mould, compressed, and dried. The result is a strong packaging full of minerals. Lastly, the label is made with an eco-friendly paper. It has a graphic representation of herb and handwritten script to establish a personalised connection with the consumer. To further lessen the impact on the environment, only two colours are used for the print (black and green). LIFI is the designer’s Master's degree final project, the project supervisor was Associate Professor Robertas Jucaitis. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Green

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