Battery-Powered Rope Winch

ACX Power Ascender

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Designed for the extreme

Rescue operations in remote environments such as hillsides place high demands on people and material. The innovative ACX Power Ascender was developed especially for difficult tasks that involve working in vertical environments. This battery-powered rope winch is perfectly suited for working under changing conditions. In addition to rescue operations in mountainous areas, it can also be used for other difficult tasks such as exploring active volcanoes, lifting fragile glass panes onto high-rise buildings, as well as for providing essential logistical support on offshore wind turbines. Offering a high level of performance for this type of activities, it ensures that all processes can be carried out safely. It impresses with its compact exterior design in which form and function are perfectly matched. Furthermore, it is very light and thus easy to transport. Based on a well-designed, straightforward user interface, handling the device on-site is self-explanatory, making it very quick and easy to use. This is further supported by a coherent colouring that additionally visualises the functionality. Carefully thought-out down to the last detail, this design concept has emerged as a highly practical device that allows users to get where they are needed.

Statement by the Jury

The ACX Power Ascender is an impressively innovative solution for demanding logistics or rescue operations that require working in vertical environments. Thanks to its sophisticated functionality and excellent ergonomics, it facilitates quick and safe operations. Combined with advanced technology, its exceptionally user-friendly design provides great flexibility and efficiency.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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