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Aesthetic Energy Panel

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Aesthetic integration

Solar energy has turned out to be of key significance in global efforts to meet international climate targets. Against this background, the Aesthetic Energy Panel offers a new possibility of consistently integrating photovoltaic elements into architecture. These facade panels come in the form of coloured laminated safety glass and are equipped with ready-to-use, highly effective solar cells. The innovative use of digital printing technology allows the panels to be printed with any colour and pattern design. This opens up huge possibilities for creative use in buildings, as these panels can thus also replace traditional facade cladding. Owing to their patented circuit design, the panels can conform in their size and shape with conventional measurement units in the construction industry, allowing flexible use to both planners and craftsmen. As they can also be made to fully and uniformly cover an entire building envelope, they turn the facade into a powerful system for generating clean energy. Other key aspects of the design were enhanced stability and durability. Thanks to utilising a vacuum thermal edge-sealing technology, the solar cells are safely protected from humidity. The panels are highly robust, while the use of durable ceramic inks guarantees that the colour vividness can last for over 50 years. With their silky, glare-reduced finish, they lend buildings an elegant appearance.

Statement by the Jury

The Aesthetic Energy Panel has emerged as an outstanding solution in that it integrates both functional and aesthetic properties. Since the panels lend themselves to innovative surface printing, they open up many new possibilities of use in architecture and facade design. In short, they allow solar elements to be seamlessly integrated into a building. While possessing outstanding durability, large-scale applications yield a high output of clean solar energy.

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