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AFRD X4 – Automated First Responder Drone

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Well-Thought-Out in Every Detail

The use of automated drones is on the rise as the industrial sector and the world of work become increasingly digitalised. Some of these drones are no longer necessarily controlled on site by individual pilots, but via an integrated control centre. They are used to support emergency forces and disaster response crews, for industrial maintenance applications, in logistics or in the control of critical infrastructures. The AFRD X4 quadcopter drone from the class of up to 4 kg flying weight was developed and configured by a team of users, engineers and designers for precisely this purpose. It was made for use in fields with highest security requirements, which is why special attention was given to the aspects of cyber security and operational safety. Moreover, no technology was installed that would be vulnerable to hacker attacks. The rugged construction of the AFRD X4, indispensable for a professional tool like this, also impressed the jury. “It’s immediately obvious that the AFRD X4 is not a drone for playful use. Compared to such devices, it stands out for its particular robustness.” This is recognisable, for example, by the fact that the drone has no error-prone folding arms and mechanically moving parts have also otherwise been reduced to a minimum. All wear parts feature a modular design that makes replacing them and performing maintenance easy, and there are no heat-sensitive batteries, either. Further advantages for users of the industrial drone, in addition to optimised flight times, are easy handling and fast deployment for use straight from the case. The jury praised the AFRD X4’s look as “The best aesthetic result that can be achieved with this build type.” The jury members were particularly impressed with the restrained and consistently sensible use of graphics and colour, as well as the excellent execution of even fine details. Another aspect that the jury commended was the “coherence” of the design in relation to the intended context of application – which is professional daily use. “One of the best drones of recent years,” was the unanimous opinion on the drone system.

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