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Recomposing simplicity

With AirPods Max, Apple introduces its first wireless headphones in an over-ear design with outstanding high-fidelity audio and industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation. AirPods Max easily connect with a one-tap set-up to an iPhone or iPad, after which all devices in the same iCloud family are paired and ready to use. Sensors automatically detect when the AirPods Max are put on or taken off and start or pause music playback accordingly. A digital crown on the ear cup allows precise control of volume and media control such as play/pause. Rich, deep bass, accurate mid-ranges and crisp, clean high-frequency extension invite users to immerse in individual listening experiences. The innovative headphones deliver 3D spatial audio for a movie theatre-like surround experience. Users only return to reality when they switch from Active Noise Cancellation to Transparency mode with the simple touch of a button to listen to music layered with ambient sounds at the same time. The technological breakthrough of Appleā€™s new H1 chips, microphones and sensors embodies nothing less than a redefinition of the over-ear design. Made of machined aluminium, the independently rotatable ear cups feature magnetically adhering ear cushions. The telescopic arms are smoothly adjustable and ergonomically adaptable to different head shapes. The lightweight, breathable knit mesh fabric of the canopy not only ensures pleasant wearing comfort but, in combination with the elegant ear cups made of anodised aluminium, make the AirPods Max also project a new, unmistakable form.

Statement by the Jury

In a seemingly effortless manner, Apple merges technological excellence with a distinctly aesthetic form and user-friendly operation to create an innovative listening experience. Fit and performance, wearing comfort and sound quality unite in these wireless headphones for a novel, personal sound experience.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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