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Flying moments

Selfies document our current way of living unlike any other medium. Especially when travelling, they take centre stage in social interaction. In designing AirSelfie, the development of new opportunities for this ubiquitous cultural phenomenon was central. The idea of a “flying camera” emerged as the result of an international cooperation between designers and developers, offering image capture capabilities that exceed the standards of all current smartphones. AirSelfie realises an innovative concept that hardly limits the creativity of any user, and which impresses with a clear and elegantly designed anodised aluminium housing. Driven by brushless motors that enable a height of up to 20 metres, the four extremely small and powerful propellers are integrated into the housing. AirSelfie is sturdy, lightweight and very compact. Its small size and weight of only 61 grams make it easy to transport. It is equipped with different sensors for flying operation and features a high-performance HD camera with 5 MP for shooting photos and videos in 1080p. When switched on, AirSelfie automatically provides its own 2.4 GHz band Wi-Fi network and gives access to its built-in 4 GB Micro SD memory card for storage options. This highly functional flying camera thus allows capturing the best and most beautiful moments and memories in a very special way.

Statement by the Jury

AirSelfie has emerged as a combination of a fascinating idea with good design. This flying camera stands out with its intelligent design of high formal and functional quality. It makes it very easy to shoot spectacular photos and videos. It is the realisation of a concept that is focused on ease of use and well thought-out to the last detail, including an innovative smartphone cover with integrated power bank for storing and charging the camera.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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