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The fascination of light

The challenge of giving shape to light has always driven and inspired designers. The design spectrum ranges from decorative Art Nouveau lighting to the exciting new possibilities offered by advanced LED technology. The Aledin lamp fascinates with a special effect that is based on the choice of materials. Its two articulating arms are made of transparent polycarbonate, while the inner structure is constituted by two aluminium rods endowed with a conductivity function. This design is highly appealing as it evokes an outstandingly delicate impression. As a Class 3 lighting fixture, Aledin has a high-performing luminosity in the area of 600 lumens. Yet it enables considerable savings in energy consumption thanks to its latest generation 5.6-watt LED lamp bulbs. Aledin is available in two different versions, Tec and Dec, each featuring its own distinctive diffuser shape as well as functionality. Aledin Tec has been designed with a flat head for throwing a direct luminous beam that is also adjustable thanks to the movement of the diffuser itself. These characteristics make Tec suitable mainly for office use. Aledin Dec, on the other hand, is defined by the faceted decoration of its cone-shaped diffuser. On this model, the luminous beam thus throws a wider and more atmospheric light, which lends itself well to residential applications.

Statement by the Jury

In an impressive manner, Aledin realises the idea of a transparent lamp that reveals its interior to the beholder. It embodies a merger of advanced, sophisticated technology with a fascinating design. Available in the two models of Tec and Dec, the lamp is very powerful and lends itself for use in offices as well as in domestic homes. The designs of their diffusers have been adapted perfectly to the respective area of use.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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