Alfred - The Robot Sous Chef

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Dexai’s artificially-intelligent robot Alfred seamlessly works with any ingredient and utensil, in any existing commercial kitchen to fully assemble meals. Alfred utilises machine learning and computer vision to ensure low-touch and accurate meal assembly, providing an innovative solution for food preparation venues conscious of safety and consistency. Alfred is controlled by a tablet, empowering kitchen staff to manage orders and robot activity. Dexai’s proprietary machine learning algorithms reduce waste through accurate and consistent portion control and provide restaurants with invaluable business analytics for better menu decision-making. Also, Alfred integrates with existing ordering systems, making processing orders easy. Upon receipt of an order, Alfred immediately begins work – picking up its bowl, using its camera to ‘see’ the selected ingredients and grabbing the correct utensil necessary for each ingredient. Alfred accurately portions each ingredient needed for the recipe, ensuring a consistent taste every time. Once Alfred finishes an order, it notifies kitchen staff via a user interface and uses its second arm to drop off the bowl. Alfred’s entire assembly process is designed around cleanliness and safety, reducing cross-contamination and human contact needed to prepare meals. Lastly, the product supports the local restaurant industry by helping struggling businesses meet new health and safety guidelines. With more restaurants staying open, Alfred can provide an innovative solution to alleviate the labour crisis, while also upskilling existing kitchen staff by giving them robot-management responsibilities. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Culinary & Kitchen

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