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AMADÉ – Mirror Glass Sauna

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Reflecting object

Taking a sauna is part of an ancient culture and for many people signifies the epitome of well-being. As a contemporary outdoor sauna, AMADÉ combines the internal functionality of a cosy family sauna with the external elegance of a modern garden house in a purist and linear design. This garden sauna showcases a fully mirrored outer surface, which lends it the appearance of a high-quality object. The dark mirrored glass shell of the cabin fits harmoniously and almost inconspicuously into the surroundings of a garden. In addition, the thermal finish mirror glass also offers the special effect of reflecting the surroundings in daylight and protecting users of the cabin against prying eyes from the outside. This facilitates an almost “invisible” use of the sauna while the view outside during a sauna session lets users forget the confines of the cabin. The back side of the sauna is covered by aluminium lamellar protection with an integrated gutter. The interior is marked by a thermal finish and the high-quality workmanship of rustic Tyrol wood on the walls and ceiling. An L-shape upper bench and a large lounger as lower bench made of thermo aspen, as well as an ergonomic backrest offer plenty of comfort. Equipped with a sophisticated HARVIA sauna heater and atmospheric LED multi-light, this sauna allows for perfect sauna enjoyment even in winter.

Statement by the Jury

As a mirrored cabin, the AMADÉ outdoor sauna blends seamlessly into almost any garden environment. It offers the fascinating experience of being able to sit invisibly in an enclosed space yet still be able to see everything on the outside. Aesthetic lighting effects and a perfectly matched finish emphasise the appearance of elegance. The sauna is highly functional, ergonomically comfortable and impresses with the use of high-quality materials.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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