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Custom Outdoor Dreamscapes

The desire to take time out in the fresh air and feel the positive benefits of nature goes hand in hand with a new trend called cocooning. Having a private space to relax and retreat is becoming increasingly important to most people. The Amani modular pavilion concept makes it possible to do both in all types of weather. These outdoor living spaces feature a robust aluminium frame that can be embellished according to personal preferences and comfort needs. Add-ons such as awnings, columns, sliding glass walls, blinds, folding panels or various types of roof and side panels are manufactured to the highest standards and can be individually combined. This allows users to choose a configuration that best fits the available space, the existing building style and the surrounding vegetation. An intelligent design and production process was developed to simplify pavilion configuration. It provides the design planner with a toolbox of sorts that includes a wide range of features. An automated order process additionally ensures that even the most original designs can be implemented efficiently. Customers have access to various software tools that not only prevent them from making planning mistakes like getting the statics wrong, but also include a simulation feature so they can see what the finished pavilion will look like. “Amani is a clever system for creating custom outdoor pavilions. Users can close or open any or all sides and even implement an entirely open construction. Acoustic partitions are also available – it’s the complete package and also highly aesthetic,” said the jury. To ensure years of enjoyment, the Amani product designers conducted a comprehensive battery of tests on all the materials they planned on using for the pavilion, which must ultimately withstand any type of weather. The most important criterion was durability, but the pavilion also needed a natural look and feel so that it would blend harmoniously into any garden. This is why fabrics are available in a broad range of colours, for use alongside the wood and glass.

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