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Experiencing harmony

AMBITUS is a circular LED pendant luminaire with an efficient, almost 360-degree light distribution. The ambitious project was born from the observation that linear lighting systems tend to produce a rather disrupting effect in architectural spaces that are becoming ever more complex. The round shape is inspired by natural light sources such as the sun and mimics the basic function of natural light to enhance spatiality for a more conscious experience. In combination with a fascinating perforation on the underside, the lamp showcases a visually accentuated ring-like shape that creates an aesthetically pleasing effect to evoke various associations with natural light phenomena. At the same time, the round shape produces a harmonious light distribution, even when the pendant luminaire is viewed from different angles. The focus on the quality of light is further underlined by the choice of material and a fixture thickness of only 24 mm that lends this pendant luminaire an outstandingly filigree appeal. AMBITUS flexibly adapts to people’s needs and is ideal for office use: The powerful uniform indirect light component can be switched separately from the high-precision, glare-reduced direct light component that is suitable for the workplace. Thanks to tunableWhite, the colour temperature can be individually adjusted. With a diameter of 60 cm and a luminous flux of 11,300 lumens, AMBITUS optimally illuminate a 5 × 5 metre two-person office. Since the sophisticated technical equipment remains hidden from the view without visible electrical wires, this pendant luminaire achieves a harmonious lighting effect throughout.

Statement by the Jury

AMBITUS translates sophisticated lighting technology into a visually appealing language of form. Thanks to the choice of materials and flawless workmanship, the pendant luminaire also exudes a lightness that lives up to the fascinating immateriality of light itself. Moreover, the natural lighting effect emanating from this luminaire leads to a positive sense of spatiality.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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