Array - Next Generation ECG Monitoring

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Array is a vision for a new generation of ECG monitoring setup that could be implemented in current intensive care practice. Managing the current five-cable ECG monitoring setup and a group of tangled wires can be a real challenge for healthcare professionals. Array transforms a five-cable ECG monitoring setup into an elegant single-line solution that wirelessly feeds the gathered data into the current system. Array improves the patient’s comfort during intensive care treatment by streamlining the workflow of health care professionals. Its sensor-array consists of a flexible cable with sensor-clips that can be freely arranged on the patient’s chest and adjusted to achieve an optimal fit without putting pressure on the skin or injuring the patient. The built-in battery powers the sensor-array for up to 24 hours, and recurring exchange routines can be easily integrated into the shift plans of the healthcare professionals in charge. Overall, Array’s simple design makes it simple to clean, easy to use, and declutters the patient’s bed. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Life Science | Concept

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