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Art Festival L(a)unch Box

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The Jinshan Art Festival is an outdoor art festival organised by the Juming Museum in Taiwan. In promoting the festival, the focus was on how to draw the attention of people to the event, who would not otherwise be reached. Instead of traditional promotional media such as interview videos or billboards, a medium and theme was chosen that is literally on people’s table every day: food. So the idea of a classic Taiwanese lunch box was taken up and transformed into the unusual “Art Festival L(a)unch Box”, and important utensils as well as promotional material for the art festival were prepared as ingredients for the lunch box. The realistic appearance of, for example, a folded bag in the shape of a salad, handwashing soap that looks like melted ice cream and a festival guide including a programme booklet in the form of turkey strips made people think it was a real lunch box with new flavours. Looking very similar to and offered next to the lunch boxes in the vending machines located in large commercial and office buildings, this promotional box attracted a lot of attention with its practical products and reached not only an interested audience but also a large media echo.

Statement by the Jury

The idea behind the Art Festival L(a)unch Box is excellent and the realisation simply sweet. A popular product in Taiwan, the lunch box was thus transformed into a festival box for promoting the event, yet in such a way that it looks deceptively real next to other familiar lunch boxes sold in ordinary vending machines. The contents in real-food look were skilfully implemented and convincingly not only aroused the curiosity of passers-by, but also made them want to buy such a box.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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