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ATEM Television Studio Pro HD

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The high-pressure nature of live broadcasting requires an ability to react promptly and instinctively to unexpected events, changing conditions and the instructions of demanding producers. The ATEM Television Studio Pro HD responds to this complexity with a clear and well-conceived layout. A fully integrated live video production switcher and control panel for professional use, it pairs portability and the efficiency of physical control with embedded broadcast-quality switcher technology. Specifically designed for live TV, sports and web broadcast platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live and, it allows simultaneous shooting and editing. It thus enhances productivity, be it in the studio, a cramped outside broadcast van or at a challenging remote location. The clear and considered layout of physical controls is impressive, putting a full suite of technical and creative tools at the user’s fingertips. This eliminates time-consuming navigation of complex graphical user interfaces, facilitating reliable, real-time camera control, colour correction and audio monitoring. The unit’s ergonomic switcher buttons feature crystal clear, scalloped caps that reduce distracting reflections and offer users positive tactile engagement. They thus facilitate error-free operation without having to look at the device.

Statement by the Jury

The ATEM Television Studio Pro HD live production switcher merges formal beauty with ergonomic perfection. Everything about this extremely user-friendly, portable professional switcher with hardware control panel is well organised. Its exquisitely designed, clear controls are particularly impressive. They have been designed to allow users to interact with the device in a highly intuitive manner. It thus promotes highly effective working processes in professional areas.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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