AUBO S Series Collaborative Robots

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A Robot with Personality

Unlike traditional industrial robots, which have to be caged for safety reasons, collaborative robots (cobots) are operated as partners in human-machine teams. An increasing presence of these machines in the workplace entails changes to occupational safety requirements. The AUBO Robotics robots were specifically developed for service sector scenarios such as coffee making or domestic service. They have optimised control technology to prevent collisions or users getting trapped. Special light and sound features enhance safety by alerting people to potential risks. Collaborative robots are far more visible than industrial robots at the workplace, which is why AUBO Robotics put a great deal of thought into the S Series’ appearance. These robots can be customised to the customer’s corporate design for more effective integration into service sector environments. Personalisation also increases the customer’s identification with the product. Going forward, AUBO Robotics will be providing customers with one-stop, plug-and-play solutions and building an ecological innovation system for the robot industry to expedite the evolution of the service sector. The jury was impressed by this focus: “The S Series has a modern design style and technological colour scheme that distinguishes it from traditional industrial robots. Its sleek shape and generous clearance additionally improve safety. The robot arm tubes and joint caps are also made of environmentally friendly plastics that can be easily adapted to customer and market requirements in service sector scenarios.”

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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