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Audi Music Box

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The “Audi Music Box” project demonstrates how German automotive manufacturer Audi and their claim “Vorsprung durch Technik” (Progress through technology) can sound. It was created on the occasion of a new, technology-focused training programme in the Audi Training Center in Munich. The Audi Music Box is a new and unique instrument, made up of a wide range of vehicle parts used for building an Audi car. Motor-driven, software-controlled hammers create completely new sounds out of the vehicle parts and combine them into unique tracks specially composed for Audio. This music machine is not only intended to make the Audi brand audible in an innovative manner, it also aims at conveying the message that the whole is more than just the sum of its parts. In addition to the sound performance, a product show was designed for the showroom, which, just like the sound machine, was based on interaction, experience and progressivity.

Statement by the Jury

What is special about this work is that many parts of an Audi car have been turned into sound bodies with the idea of demonstrating how the brand sounds. It is thus translated into music in a novel and inspiring approach and acquires an additional emotional component. At the same time, these sounds are produced by technology, which perfectly matches the technically oriented nature of the manufacturer’s event where this music machine was presented.

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