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Auktyon on the Sun

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How can design be used to draw the attention of a young audience to the latest release “On the Sun” by the iconic Russian underground band Auktyon? In order to answer this question, the peculiar idea was developed to create an album that can be seen and heard only in the sun. Two weeks prior to the official release, an application was issued that only starts playing back the new album when the smartphone camera is held into the sun. Using photochromic ink for printing, the artwork encircling lettering of the band’s name and the dot in the middle gradually appear when held into sunlight and in turn vanish when in the shade. In analogy to the title of the album and its innovative idea of “coming-out”, the sleeve design features a circle in the style of calligraphy, here symbolising a sunset with intensive glow. The rest of the album cover, which is integrated into a simple slipcase with printed high-quality paper, is held in a white and purist aesthetic.

Statement by the Jury

The packaging design of the CD “On the Sun” convinces with the excellent idea of drawing direct inspiration from the title. Not only does the cover artwork gradually appear only when held into sunlight, the music itself too can only be played when the album is in sunlight. The effect of the photochromic ink is fantastic and is rounded off by the nobly reduced finish of the package.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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