Austrian Pavilion for EXPO Dubai

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In the general hustle and bustle of the EXPO in Dubai, the Austrian Pavilion stands out as an oasis of calm and relaxation, an experience space that allows visitors to immerse themselves directly in Austria’s most important values by focusing on the essentials. Tradition is translated into modern climate engineering. As a gesture to the host country, the pavilion’s unique architecture is based on a dialogue with Arab building tradition — cones inspired by wind towers — and thus relies on natural air conditioning for the most part. Thanks to careful planning and clay cladding, the construction method uses natural processes to control the temperature of the rooms. During the night, the concrete and clay walls absorb the coolness and release it into the interior during the day. The dialogue between local building traditions and intelligent Austrian climate engineering saves 3/4 of the energy. In addition, planted cones, a densely greened inner courtyard and a water mist system help to naturally regulate the climate. The modular construction of the pavilion is just as future- oriented. Individual cones are made up of only eight different prefabricated parts in an igloo system. This allows the parts to be reused for a long time after the six-month EXPO event, in a completely different composition at a new location, without any structural changes.

 Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Architecture

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