Automatic Pour-over Coffee Machine

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Automatic Pour-over Coffee Machine integrates the functions of both a coffee grinder and pour-over coffee maker to create a seamless, automatic brewing process. It is equipped with an in-built timer that allows the grinder system to work in sync with the brewer system. While the grinder is working, the control system moves the coffee carafe to the right, such that it sits under the brewing system to prepare for coffee brewing. Very quickly, a cup of pour-cover coffee is completed. With this smart feature, the user experience of the a coffee maker is enhanced. The design of the coffee machine adopts the simplest geometry, combining a circle and a square with a retro outline. The using of brass and cast iron highlights the material contrast and restores the classical aesthetic of coffee brewing elements. The entire brewing system also simulates the dynamic and visual process of pour-over coffee-brewing. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Culinary & Kitchen

Red Dot

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