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Autowerk – Portal to Production

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The permanent exhibition “Autowerk – Portal to Production” offers guests insights into the world of Volkswagen Group’s car manufacturing. Seven full-scale cutaway models, which can be viewed from all sides, illustrate the different production steps from the press plant to the final quality control in a condensed, striking way. The models aligned in individual portals are authentic sections of the car bodies, just like they can be found in the selected production process. Each model is linked to a characteristic attribute, a typical tool used in production and an interactive media station with images and vividly presented information. The individual vehicle “slices” visually add up to form a complete vehicle composed of the various brands of the group. A room-sized media wall at the end of the portal series invites visitors to experience a virtual factory tour, while an interactive media table informs about the dimensions of Volkswagen Group’s car production in terms of time, organisation, material and human resources.

Statement by the Jury

This exhibition excellently answers the question of how car production can be both vividly showcased and presented in a didactically meaningful way. The idea of cutting the cars into “slices” is innovative and highly fascinating. It allows visitors to experience car manufacturing from the inside, which is a lot of fun. Complemented by media stations, technical production is thus presented in a highly captivating and appealing manner.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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