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The lifestyle of many people today is marked by a variety of outdoor activities. The aim of designing the AWA (All-Weather Activity) collection was to respond to this lifestyle with perfectly matched functionality. Equipped with an innovative layer system, the AWA M1 winter jacket comprises a three-layer waterproof breathable outer shell and an insulating packable inner jacket. Both layers of the collection integrate Trailknit seamless knitted constructions that project a perfect solution. The outer shell features a knitted section for the shoulders and sleeves. This is highly form-fitting, since the elasticity allows it to adapt closely to the contour of the body, featuring extra curvature introduced into the knitted construction without seams. The result is that the sleeves are more elastic due to the distinctive seamless knit pattern and texture, responding more naturally to body movements. To ensure waterproofing even in the harshest alpine conditions, the knitted panels were laminated with a proprietary waterproof breathable membrane and DWR (durable water repellent) treated on the exposed outer fabric. The underjacket also features a Trailknit construction on the undersleeve and the sides of the outer jacket vents. Designed to closely match the needs of users, this collection is fascinatingly functional and comfortable specifically for outdoor activities.

Statement by the Jury

The AWA M1 winter jacket impresses with its special qualities ideal even for extreme outdoor activities. The sophisticated design has given it excellent functional properties, allowing it to easily adapt to individual needs and outdoor conditions. Its excellent implementation in form and material is impressive. It looks both classic and modern at the same time – the perfect garment for an active lifestyle.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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