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The concept behind AXIOPRISA® was to create a device that, at first glance, appears to be similar to existing analogue dental tools. It must be self-explanatory, delegable, simple to maintain, long-durable, and compatible. AXIOPRISA® is also a combination of AXIO (a common prefix to most of our product names) and an abbreviation for its function: plane-related intraoral scanning adapter (PRISA). The design of AXIOPRISA® is straightforward, with only a few simple forms and relationships. Handling is simple for an efficient workflow and durability. The bite element's surface enables the dentist to zoom in on the tooth surface, and each triangulation is unique. Every design detail on the tool relates back to dentistry. The transfer rod’s wave pattern represents the force of the upper and lower set of teeth during mastication, the seven dots represent the seven regular teeth on each quadrant, and the block features an Eye of Ra symbol while facilitating automatic merging of the position. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Life Science | Ready to Launch

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