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Pioneering purism

From the famous Frankfurt Chair in the 1930s to the opulent designs of the 1970s, throughout design history, chairs have always been a reflection of the contemporary zeitgeist. Axyl is a seating collection that fascinates with elegantly flowing lines. Comprising a chair and bar stool, the collection has an appearance that looks both novel and very familiar. Itself a reflection of its time, the design of the collection is aimed at approaching the topic of sustainability in a multilayered way. The result is a perfectly thought-out concept based on the use of environmentally friendly materials. It thus features a carefully engineered inverted Y-frame made from recycled aluminium to make use of the materials in a manner that is as efficiently as possible. This gives each element of the collection a high level of structural integrity and lends it a unique design language. The shell is available in a number of different recyclable plastic finishes, including a fibre construction. The collection also impresses with its modularity. All components are mechanically fitted together, so that each piece can be efficiently packed, easily transported and, at the end of its life cycle, be easily disassembled for recycling. In this way, the collection has emerged as a flexible system that allows mixing different surfaces, colours and elements to create more than 100 different models.

Statement by the Jury

Adopting a simple form, the design of the Axyl seating furniture collection has emerged with a clear, timeless appearance. The underlying concept is pioneering in that it envisions a strict sustainability of all elements. Based on sophisticated functionality and modularity, the chair and bar stool are exceptionally robust for continuous use and can be easily stacked. Furthermore, they are ergonomically designed to offer users a high level of comfort.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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