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Back to Bed | Red Dot Design Award

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The design of BACK TO BED sofa responds to the trend of shared and multifunctional spaces. With this sofa, space can be reorganised and redefined from an office with an elegant lounger to a cosy bedroom for guests. When four sofa chairs are combined to form a double bed, it also returns to the inherent beauty of the Chinese character ‘回’, which means 'to go back'. Depending on users' needs, arms and backrests can also be added to the couch. Brass knobs are attached under the sides of the chairs to substitute traditional metal connectors. A rubber or silicone band is linked to the knobs, and because of their elasticity, they can be used to fasten the chairs together to create different forms or to suit multiple functions, be it a 3-seater sofa, L-shaped sofa, a single bed or a double bed. BACK TO BED is full of possibilities and can be reconfigured spontaneously, making it adaptable to variables in user preferences and spatial styles.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Chang Kuei Fang, Taiwan