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Battlefield Wilderness

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This bachelor thesis entitled “Battlefield Wilderness” reflects on the problem of the mountains of waste created by a constantly increasing world population and the direct consequences for the fauna. It chooses a hitherto rather neglected perspective in order to point out this urgent issue with a great deal of commitment. By portraying animals in a dangerous environment full of waste, it is meant to show the clash of two worlds through illegal waste disposal. Featuring elaborately crafted vector illustrations, the design visualises various animal species such as bears, racoons, badgers, squirrels, wolfs and wild boars. This selection was made due to the fact that especially these species have spread worldwide through human intervention, thus illustrating a global interrelation and the responsibility that goes with it.

Statement by the Jury

With a distinct approach this work brings up a painful subject and a serious issue of our times. It poignantly illustrates a future world in which growing mountains of waste disrupt the habitats of animals, harbouring many dangers for them. The vector illustrations, which are technically very well implemented and in part surrealistic, are highly expressive and possess a unique, appealing aesthetic.

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